Compassion A Strategy For Survival Or Destruction? What’s Real?

Don’t ask for compassion from others unless you’re ready to show compassion to those whom you ask.

Most people don’t want to feel another’s pain unless it’s in a movie and isn’t real.

Why inflict your pain onto another?

If you’re suffering and need another’s help, then say so. Don’t accuse the one you’re asking of not being compassionate in the hopes that they will.

What do you do for a person who screams at you to be compassionate? How would you help them? Would you help them break the law? Would you let them steal from you or your neighbor? Beat up a stray dog? Burn down your house and business, rape your daughter or son?

There is nothing in the word compassion that tells anybody what is needed. Compassion is a feeling when not explained, not a strategy.

Compassion, when used by Spanish speaking people breaching the USA southern border, demanding that the USA government let them enter illegally on compassionate grounds meant what exactly?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals started using the compassion word decades ago to gather support for the rights of animals, encouraging people to make compassionate choices regarding the animals who suffer from physical and mental exploitation.

Too many people kill the animals they love – kill some/let others live/ depending on cultural/tradition.

Compassion isn’t enough to stop the enslavement, torture and slaughter. It’s a matter of rightness/oughtness.

You ought to do what is right.

What is right? Whatever enhances the survival of all animals, including the human animal, in the absence of debilitating suffering, which includes not culling the herds to make way for more humans, as Jews do to Palestinians every time they want to expand their settlement reach, or that hunters do to deer when deer start overpopulating a particular region that humans want for themselves.


Confidence gives way to courage.

Courage gives way to compassion.

Compassion gives way to calm.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

If you’re already asking for compassion, then you have what it takes to change your own set of circumstances.

To get to compassion though one must start with confidence, go through courage that creates the compassion that ends in calm.

So how do you get to confidence?

You open the calm door. And walk right in. People can do that.

It’s the calm that gives you confidence. The paradigm is circular.

But just as with the FIVE PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, one leading to the other if left unchecked, one can jump in or out at any level/step/juncture along the continuum at any moment. The continuum bends back to the beginning at every level.

Ever see an animal reach out in tenderness to another animal? At that moment they are in that state of calm, and the state of calm gives them the confidence to help that animal as they assess the situation, which gives them the courage against odds to succeed. That’s real compassion. It’s not a willy nilly response to someone pleading please please pretty please with a cherry on top.

Rescue workers begin with that calm. Surgeons do the same thing. Fire-fighters. Anybody approaching a problem-solving task does the same.

What happens when that animal succeeds in helping another? They both experience success, gratitude and fulfillment – both, not just one of them, because an interaction was required to succeed.

  • And what do the conditions of success, gratitude and fulfillment create? Calm.

Border-Breachers aren’t looking for real compassion. Real compassion involves at least two parties working out survival concerns, not just one party doing something for someone else at someone else’s demand.

On Demand is a terrorist strategy, not a compassionate strategy. Real compassion, and not the flighty emotions of feeling sorry for someone in the moment, requires a plan of action based on survival, not a plan of protests based on destruction and ruin.

So all those out and about traveling from city to city burning them down, terrorizing the populace are not, and I repeat are not, compassionate people asking for real compassion on anybody else’s behalf.

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