Groups vs Individuals

Groups vs Individuals

When a race, gender or ethnicity speaks in one voice to the world, then I’m going to criticize that voice. The group more than likely won’t like the message.

Ignoring individuality in lieu of a prefabricated agenda that fake-promises to serve all equally is discrimination at it’s worst – digging up each piece of grass by it’s root and replacing it with a brand spanking new artificial turf where no real grass can grow to evolve into something greater than it’s roots. That’s where we depart.

In all ways the individual must come first, which means ditching the statistics that are used by governments to determine our rate of growth thus betterment or worse.

Don’t tell me your color or gender or ethnicity or religion or education or familial background justifies a different set of values by which to grow. In that regard the foundation from and by which we evolve is the same. No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

One leads to the other if left unchecked. So check your prejudices, which we all have, at the prejudicial door, keeping them out of the discrimination category and life will be better for all.

Though not better in the same way, that’s where differential growth rates in varying directions will naturally occur according to each individual and not be forced to start and stop by some government-sanctioned groups of mad scientists and statisticians who love to put their fingers in everybody’s hair just for the perverted purpose of messing it up.

Once one enters the discrimination category, the next stop if left unchecked is enslavement. Then onto torture.

The real control freaks of the world are scientists and statisticians who dread if left to their own devices, the individuals they seek to conform to their schemes will soar absent their manipulations.

And what a beautiful world that would be.

Their need to control via their experiments and designs overwhelms their work to the teetering point of insanity, altering their perception of neutrality putting the worth of the design above the worth of the target/subject. They cannot fail, which makes every targeted/subjected individual and/or group a product of enslavement by those charged with manipulating the variables in their lives for the benefit of some group’s agenda.

The most prolific colonizers of the world are the biggest manipulators of group behaviors. The largest religion in the world is the largest manipulator of God-related perceptions and matters for the masses.

The largest governments, the biggest economic bases, the largest militaries all act as manipulators of everybody else. They reign supreme in all matters based on their size.

So of course governments are more interested in controlling the masses rather than the individual.

Paradoxically, it is the strong individuals who make strong families who make strong groups.

Why should we need militaries? To go to a battle field to kill or be killed and the winner gets the prize of dictating to the enemy how to conform to the dictator’s designs? It’s barbaric. Is the world ready to find a better way?

Strong individuals, strong families, strong nations won’t rely on murdering the opposition to get their way in the world. That’s the prophecy.

Humans are not evolving to become better soldiers and killers. They’re evolving in a direction counter to military resolutions. They’re beginning to think of themselves first – as individuals.

Although awkward for a while, it’s a good sign of positive change for the future.



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